eFinancials Report Wizard

» Design flexible, feature-rich reports

Did you know you can create powerfull, professional, dynamic data-driven online
reports with no programming experience whatsoever?

Quickly transform your data into powerful, dynamic content. Tightly integrate reporting
functionality into your AMSI web applications. Empower end users with the flexibility to
sort, filter and preview reports before printing and exporting (excel, xml, csv etc...).

Create multiple report types : Create virtually any kind of report you need – tabular,
columnar, summary, master-detail & hierarchical, charts & graphs etc.

Extensive data formating and customization Use extensive formatting and interactivity
options to empower end users with business information.

Save Development time, money and effort Save as much as 95% of time required for
creating, deploying and maintaining web reporting applications.

Create any kind of report you need from virtually any data source
Add paramters to generate live time-driven reports
Works on all modern browsers (no plugins required)
Runs on all windows webservers
Advanced HTML printing - just set the number records you want per page.

Do all these and more using the eFinancial Report Wizard   


Ability to list all tables and views in a database with one line of code.
Ability to dynamically generate reports by clicking on the table links
Fastest dynamic database reporting component in the market today
Extremely flexible and easy to use
Support for multi-level security
Optimized for speed and stability
Support for multiple report types – tabular, columnar,summary,master-detail etc..
Ability to generate summary & aggregate reports
Ability to generate drill-down reports (master-detail,hierarchical)
Ability to generate charts & graphs with all report types.
Ability to add multiple field summary lines to your reports
Support for report parameters - system and user-defined paramsters.
Support for multiple filters (display conditions)
Support for multiple report summaries
Support for field name aliasing .
Support for field data formating (Currency, URL, Phone Number, SSN etc..)
Ability to link reports
Ability to hide certain tables or views
Ability to show only certain tables or views
Support for report paging and navigation
Support for dynamic report pagesize (records per page)
Support for dynamic multiple column-wise sorting
Ability to export data to different formats (including Excel, CSV, Text and XML)
Ability to create report from more than one table. (create reports of related tables data)
Ability to save reports into an XML file.
Ability to edit existing reports
Ability to add passwords to reports
Advanced support for HTML printing
and much more...
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