AMSI offers Software products that help real estate companies improve financial and
operational performance across their entire portfolio.  The products were built
specifically for real estate, incorporating years of best practices and experience in the

AMSI Property Management Software

AMSI's Software's powerful toolset provide our customers with solutions that can be
implemented separately to improve performance where you need it, or connected as a
suite to make better decisions across the lifecycle of your portfolio.

Keep track of all your rental units, whether there are four or four hundred of them. In an
easy to understand interface you can enter each unit's rent, current and previous
inhabitants, special instructions or information regarding the unit and much more. With
the push of a button you can list all the vacant apartments, or ones where the lease
runs out within the next three months. Keep track of deposits, late rent, reparations that
are due or upcoming, work orders to a super and handyman, etcetera.

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eFinancial Report Wizard

Did you know you could define flexible, feature rich reports using eFinancial Report

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You cannot MANAGE what you cannot control.
You cannot
CONTROL what you cannot measure,
Your cannot
MEASURE what you cannot DEFINE.
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SMR Group and its partners, provide web-based property management software tools for the management of residential and commercial property. SMR Group prides itself on
delivering industry-changing software--property management software--that relieves much of the stress and headache that managers experience on a daily basis.  
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